Our Story

After reading countless stories about drinking coconut water to cure hangovers. Two long time friends and entrepreneurs, Franz Tudor and Todd Shull, thought why not hydrate while you drink by adding electrolyte rich coconut water to cocktails in an attempt to prevent instead of treat hangovers? In addition, consumers were seeking healthier choices for their alcohol consumption and coconut water is known worldwide for its many health attributes. After a thirty minute phone call and later involving a few close friends from high school and college, COCO COCKTAIL® was born.

Applying Franz’s 20 years of experience in the biotech industry and Todd’s 20 years of experience in health and fitness they set out to create the perfect alcoholic beverage that would deliver a rich all natural taste and natural sources of vitamins & minerals. All product formulation, ingredient selection and packaging design was conducted by Franz and Todd to ensure COCO COCKTAIL® stood alone as the highest quality, best tasting and most innovative product in the alcohol industry. They used only premium all natural, Non-GMO, gluten free and vegan ingredients including real fruits, fruit juices and extracts in combination with coconut water and wine made from oranges to produce COCO COCKTAIL®.

The final result of their efforts? COCO COCKTAIL® The FUTURE of Alcohol. The clean and full flavored natural taste is unrivaled. The first alcoholic beverage in the world to achieve US FDA Regulations allowing the claim an Excellent Source of Vitamins. The only spiked seltzer in the market made with coconut water that delivers more electrolytes compared to market leading non alcoholic sports drinks and without added sugar.

The COCO COCKTAIL® family welcomes you to the FUTURE. Cheers to Your Health!